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The Huggsie Pillow - Bugs Life


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Helping your little one during sleep, rest, feeding & tummy time - Find out all the ways you can use your Huggsie Pillow!
1 Huggsie Pillow plus 1 bugs life pattern pillowcase, and a free bag!
About Me:
Our pillow and cases are made with 100% certified organic filling and fabric
The Huggsie Pillows
Outer fabric: 100% Certified Organic Cotton
Filling: Certified Organic Kapok
The Huggsie Pillowcases
Fabric: 100% Certified Organic Cotton
Velcro Fastening




Offering close support & comfort for your baby from birth upwards. Helping your little one during sleep, rest, feeding & tummy time.


The Huggsie Pillow is small yet versatile! Use me to help mummy during feeding, or give support when your baby is learning to be on its tummy and having a well needed rest so the little one is safely supported, or even while sleeping so they don't wriggle around too much!


"We love to use the pillow to help offer support when feeding our baby as it is not as big and awkward as the standard sized nursing pillows so you can easily adjust it to suit you and your baby, not the pillow!


Another great use is to help keep your squirming baby sleeping on his side - with our little one he was developing a rather flat head, so the Huggsie Pillow came to our aid and helped keep him cradled on his side. Whats more it can help your little one during tummy time (which we all know they do not like at first) by giving him or her that added upward support.


The Huggsie Pillow is not just for newborns either, once your baby has grown you can use it from their birth up until they grow into toddlers, because you can shift the use of the pillow to instead being a neck or head support on the sofa or during car journeys for example - just like we as adults have neck support pillows, a child can take this from use when they are babies; Huggsie pillow can adapt to that new function! What's even better is that all the materials are 100% organic, so there are no bad toxins getting to your delicate baby!"

Find out more about how The Huggsie Pillow came to be!

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What is Kapok?!


Here at Baby Harvelicious we fill our Huggsie Pillow with a fibre called Kapok (also known as silk cotton or Java cotton).


Kapoks origins come from Central America, but can now be found in rainforests worldwide. 


The kapok fibres are hair-like, glossy and are a yellowish, cream colour made from lignin and cellulose. Each fibre is about 2.5 cm long and has thin walls that are covered with a waterproof wax. Combined, this makes kapok:


  • Lightweight - which helps when you are using it to support a growing baby!
  • Resilient - its waxy coating helps repel water, and that is always helpful with accidents and spillages
  • Bouncy - kapok resists clumping, so does not become lumpy like other stuffings. Even after washing it bounces back to its original shape
  • Slippy - the waxy coating makes it a slippy fibre therefore making it easy to adjust the shape to how you need (because it bounces back into shape afterwards it doesnt matter!)
  • Warm - the cell structure in Kapok allows it to trap air, which is great for insulating. Keeping your baby warm and snuggled 
  • Hypoallergenic - which is important for vunerable newborns (with our stuffing being organic, this adds an extra bonus for your little one)
  • Environmentally friendly - because kapok is naturally biodegradable, it can be reused many times without developing mould or decaying (unlike stuffings containing polyester)

 What is Kapok


How Big is the Huggsie Pillow?


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