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"Every mum, is not just a mum. Let's take some time to focus on our beloved homes, after all, home is where the heart is..."

My husband and I love renovating, him more so the techincal and building stuff and me, the interior! Our current house is now the second property we have renovated and completey changed to make it work for us and what we want and need in a home. Here I will share some tips I discovered along the way and also show you that even with kids in your lives, you can still create and maintain your perfect home - and let me just add, it doesn't mean having a big budget and spending lots of money! You can do a lot with a little...Remember to get in touch at [email protected] for any questions in case I forgot something below or if you need my free help or advice in your home!

Small Spaces

Teeny tiny spaces are always hard to work with in your home and it can be frustrating if you are working with a space that is a little smaller than you’d like. 

Toilet Renovation


I hated my downstairs toilet when we first bought the house and tried to find every option to either move it, or make it bigger. The main thing that came into play (as with most renovations) was BUDGET! It just wasn’t possible, so instead I decided to give it some va va voom and distract away from the size and put the focus on the interior design…cue a bright and striking wallpaper!   

                  Toilet Renovation       Toilet Renovation


Although it may not be for everyone, I love the result, the colour and pattern…there is lots to look at while you “do your business” and it doesn’t fail to give guests a talking point!

But if you don’t feel like being so daring, why not opt for a more mellow coloured wallpaper or even one without a pattern (tip: just double check with the manufacturer that is is ok to have in that chosen room). You could choose to add a simple tile over the existing (which also saves money compared to ripping the old tiles down!) or get your plasterer in and pick your favourite paint colour to finish it off.

Accessories can be added to jazz up your small space. I love working with simple shelving as a base to hold some decorations, so here we had this added for my picture frames, candle and beauty samples!

Toilet Renovation

For decoration you can never go wrong with a stylish, smelly candle (even better in the toilet!), an interesting object; my colour scheme in my lounge was based partly around gold, so this crocodile matches nicely with the themed wallpaper and draws to bits throughout my home with his colour. A small basket or box is nice for spare toilet paper, and you can always nicely fold the edges to add that extra touch. I love when I’m out and there are perfumes or creams to try, so here I just added the beauty shop freebies!

For my art choice, I choose a patent of the toilet roll - not all guests want a laugh - and for those who do, a quote to make you chuckle, also works! But don’t be afraid to add something more tongue and cheek to your rest room, especially if you don’t go too bold on the walls, why not make your decorative pieces do the talking?!

Toilet Renovation