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Every mum, is not just a mum. Let's take some time to focus on food, glorious food. After all, it isn't easy cooking things the whole family will like! Challenge excepted...n:since it's not all about the kids, I will throw a few "adult only" things in here too!

Martini Twist...Yes Please!

Bon Bon Martini Recipe

It’s been a pretty busy week, and with the grey and wet weather, I am definitely dreaming of longer and warmer summer days. This got me thinking of cocktails of course, and one definitely stands out (I think because I drank one too many and was definitely…happy let’s say!) but now I am ready to drink and enjoy one again. 

Bon Bon Martini

45ml Vodka (use your favourite one here, I use Absolut mostly)

20 ml Limoncello (I love Villa Massa here)

10ml Butterscotch liqueur (I use Teichenne, but see what you can get hold of)

20ml Fresh lemon juice

10ml Vanilla sugar syrup

Put all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes, shake well, strain and serve in a cooled martini glass…cheers!

Will this tickle your tastebuds? 
Although the butterscotch is sweet, the zesty/sour limoncello counterbalances this for a strong, yet not too much of an alcohol tang!

Bon Bon Martini Recipe