Swimming Pool

Despite the fact that we are doing renovations on our new house, we decided to enjoy our lovely garden this weekend as it was so sunny and warm!

Harvey was a lucky boy and to add to all his toys in the garden, his daddy got him this pool...okay maybe it was also for daddy and mummy to enjoy! Ha but boy did we need it, I never thought I'd say I got a little sunburnt in Antwerp!! No fake tan for me this summer :D

I have no clue when kiddies start swimming...but we are showing him what to do for when he's ready...I grabbed some armbands today in town so let's see...I have a feeling he will hate wearing them, but it's worth a go!!!

The excitement of bbq's and swimming in the pool excited him so much that he's now catching up on some much needed sleep. Great for me as I have a mountain of work to do and orders to sort out! 

Here's to busy Mondays! 

Xo LC Xo