New Season, New Bags, New Fabrics!


I'm so happy to have received our new bags to go with a new collection...what do you think?! 

A little story to give you an insight into how much I've awaited their arrival...getting them wasn't so easy; after spending two days waiting for UPS to deliver (you get how annoying that is anyway) it just so happens that the minute the doorbell rang, was the moment that my cute but sick son woke up and promptly starting vomitting all over himself and me...what do you? :)

Ignore the doorbell of the delivery you've been staying in to get, so you can clean off the sick and make sure your baby is ok or just keep going? Well, I kept going (there was no way I would miss this and my determination took over). So my lovely UPS delivery man was greeted by a sick, naked baby (I made a quick judgement call and ripped off his clothes and lets not forget to mention the lovely present he had left in his nappy for me, which I momentarily ignored. No comment or judgement.) and me, in quite a nice outfit, but I suppose the sick running down my arm and stains on said outfit, kind of ruined it and just left ME feeling sorry for HIM being greeted by us?! You can imagine the chaos around this and bless him, he held his smile and was very polite (I'm sure he was thinking the complete opposite!! Ha!).

The blessing was however that I LOVE the bags so it was all worth it- phew! (I did also bath and change Harvey so we were both happy ones!) 

Let's see what next week brings?! Have a great weekend!

Xo LC Xo