Mummy's helper

Mummy’s little lucky I am!! :D So like with Harvey I follow @ginaford_contentedbaby schedule and I still love it! At just over a month I need to start getting Mason used to bottle feeding so he doesn’t refuse it when we do the switch. So having expressed a portion for M, Harvey couldn’t resist helping out...I had to keep reminding him to check that Mason wasn’t getting just air, but all in all his first time was a success- bonus for me ha!

We didn’t time having our second now but it’s so far worked out perfectly. Harvey started school prior to his brothers arrival so hopefully hasn’t felt like he’s been sent off because the baby arrived and even easier for me because Harvey is fully potty trained, dresses himself and helps me out with little things if I need. So thank goodness our timing worked out so well! Phew :)

So far I’m loving and enjoying my boys...the grown up one too hehe #superdad

Xo LC Xo