What a weekend...Harvey received this birthday gift from his Oma and here he is obviously dancing away while we test out his sound system. He never stops grooving (i love it!!)

I mean kids toys these days are amazing and so much more affordable!!! My brother and would have done anything for this cool ride. I'll post a little video with him taking it for a spin and maybe I even had a little go myself I'm too big for it but I couldn't resist!!! What I meant to say is that I actually had to do it so Harvey wouldn't be scared of driving it himself... haha as my nose grows! :)

This fancy Range is from is Rastar, so if you're thinking your little one needs one I'll be giving our reviews with our next video!

Hope you're having a good Monday?! It's a short week for us in Belgium so that's keeping me going with conference calls and work. Plus the sun is out which made our toddler development morning in the park, extra fun today! (L)

Enjoy all!

Xo LC Xo