For some reason I think it’s Monday today?! Maybe because family have left, Harvey is at crèche so it’s full on work and fabric cutting and sewing galore here!

But I wanted to post piccies from Harvey’s adventure at the @bzantwerpen because he had such an amazing day looking at all the fire engines and everything they do there! His love for all things fireman Sam related has just grown!! Ok and I have to admit mummy and daddy enjoyed the day too!!! Especially the glittery tattoo @stevencoppens had to have to convince Harvey it was ok  ha! :)

Fire engine

Fire truck

Glitter tatoos

A big thank you to @bzantwerpen!

Also thank you to everyone who wrote to me with their favourite fabric patterns, it was so helpful and I think we have pretty much decided on the new four...can’t wait to share them with you!

Xo LC Xo