Expat adventures

Wow we look young here...ah!!

Picking up from last time…whilst working on the boat, I decided I needed some best friend time after the split from my long term boyfriend, so I headed back to London for a girls weekend. I do miss London even now because theres just some things there, which you can’t beat; the variety of shops, restaurants and things to do and it is nice being on your home turf where you know you can communicate to anyone :) but I am also a city girl at heart, so that explains a lot. We grew up in Devon for the most part, and although its a very pretty place, it was just too quiet for me with not as much going on! I feel now, that Antwerp is a good happy medium because you have the trendy city, but its smaller, like a big village as they say!

 Anyway, as I was saying…it was during this trip back to London that my husband to be was also visiting that same weekend (after graduating he had moved to the South of France, not far from where I was on the boat) and because my best friend was also one of his best girl friends, she convinced him to come out and join us one night in Covent Garden. We already knew each other fairly well, but I had thought he was quite nice when we had first met, and then both being single, this particiular night we just got chatting. From each bar we went to, we chatted more and more and didn’t really pay much attention to the friends around us. We even met a guy who thought we were together and we just went along with that story and made a entire elaborate tale behind our relationship, so much so that the conversation ended in us saying we were engaged and getting married that summer and that guy should come for our big day?! It was really strange but part of me at the time actually wished that it was true and that we were actually getting married…crazy right?! And we hadn’t even kissed yet, but there was something that just felt right! 

Before we said goodbye, he did give a cheeky kiss which left me feeling elated and you know how us girls love that feeling :) but the next day he was leaving, so that was it for the weekend and just left us with good old BBM, until I also got back to the South of France and was asked out…really not a bad place for your first date!! 

Lucky girl! Until next week… 

Xo LC Xo