Expat Edventures

After some questions and interests about how my story began, I thought I would write a series of posts telling you all the inner details!! (One post would prove too long and I wouldn't want to bore you!) So each week I will be posting a little more...Now, let’s take you back to the start…wow I’m sitting here in Antwerp with so much having happened since arriving in Belgium and I really have to think back as to where it all started. Now I am married, a mum and have my own company while juggling it all! Time is passing so quickly and I can’t believe I’ve been here for almost 6 years already, when I think that Belgium wasn’t even on my list of places to visit!

I have to touch on my childhood because I think that explains why I have a bug if you like, for travel. We always moved houses and even locations growing up, so I never learnt how to get attached to a particular place let alone house. This has made it easier for me to move around and because that is all I’ve ever done, it’s just what I love! 

Our first move abroad was when I was 16 and we left the UK and moved to Spain where I attended an international school and I took my A levels (I will skip the stories from Spain for now as some aren’t very PG ;)). From there I always knew I wanted to go to university in London, although we grew up in the country and I love getting my hands dirty and messing around outside (provided I’m dressed for the occasion! ha!), I was always a city girl at heart. 

It was in London where I met my husband to be and although we didn’t start dating until we had both left after graduating, we were friends and would see each other on social occasions. After leaving university and having worked in PR in the city for a year (it was the best fun actually and being on the talent team, I got to be involved in some cool premiers, red carpets and meeting lots of celebs - my only claim to being near fame! lol), I got the travel bug again and just couldn’t see myself working behind a desk at that moment. I have to add that there is nothing wrong with working behind a desk (I have always done it and still do!) but just at that moment, it wasn’t what I wanted. I couldn’t suppress my travel bug, and maybe the fact that I felt like I was stuck in a relationship that wasn’t working for me anymore, meant that this urge to get out and go, was getting stronger. So I listened to my heart and later packed up my world and headed to the South of France to join a superyacht that my father and mother were running at the time. 

This gave me more freedom in the sense that I was seeing different places and meeting a variety of people, but it also paid extremely well, and I knew I needed to save up to give myself choices for later on, so it was a great fit for that time in my life. With no responsibilities or ties, it gave me the opportunity to assess my life as a whole too, which ended up with me becoming single. Cue my future husband…!

I’ve been told not to go on too much and keep my posts short, so come back next week and found out how I ended up moving yet again, to Belgium and why! 

Xo LC Xo