Easter Holidays

Happy Easter everyone!! Hope you had a fab long weekend full of chocolate, joy and egg hunting!!

Today was the official start of the Easter holidays...that’s two whole weeks off school for Harvey...which means 1 almost 3yo and one 2 month old...with me, by myself...ah!

So I decided that after each day of the week, I will write my highs and lows of the day, because let’s face it being a mummy trying to do her own business and look after two kiddies under 3, can have its challenges, laughs and joys ha! So let’s see what we encounter this Easter holiday, our first and definitely not last holiday being the three of us!

Today’s high: Overall my best point looking back is that I made it through without getting angry or fed up or having to turn to the wine ha! but having Harvey behave so well while I ran my errands without tantrums or arguments meant everything! Phew! :D

Today’s low: Eventually getting out the house to be greeted by rain (although it didn’t last long so that turned into a high) and while sorting out the washing I had one playing with play doh and the other having a kick about, which was all great until Harvey dragged his play doh everywhere, dropping bits all over the floor and smearing it on said clean washing. The clean up wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t what I had in mind lol 

Hope all you other mummies and daddies are having a good start to the holidays!

Xo LC Xo