Baby number two

Here he is again! So I’ve been really unwell lately (hence my absence on all social media) we thought it was the flu but it turned out to be a stomach bug...whatever it was it left me with muscle pains, nausea alllll the time, fatigue like I’ve never know it?!!! I think my husband has barely seen me fully awake for the past ten days and just generally feel lousy :(

But I’m on the mend finally and we got to see our baking bun yesterday andddd book a birth date! That was so strange, booking the date your son will be born but unfortunately for me this time I will be needing a c section,  I’ve got the hump about that because with Harvey it was a natural birth and so easy in terms of recovery (labour was 21 hours so I’m thinking this one will be easier in that sense!) But because Harvey got stuck on my pelvic bone, they say I’m not wide enough to give birth naturally and although they aren’t forcing me (just really advising me haha) we’ve made the decision to not risk it and go with the c section. Although Harvey made a speedy recovery he was in intensive care for a week and we don’t want to go through that again or put the baby at risk. So.......January 26th it is!!!

Really not long now and I still feel that suddenly there’s loads I need to be doing! So I better get 100% better soon and get going! 

The thought of putting our tree up this weekend and visiting the Christmas market is already giving me a little push! I do love the run up to crimbo!!!

Xo LC Xo