This weekend we dove into some more preparations for the start of our renovations - knocking down old plaster (thanks to daddy and Harvey), ripping up floors, pulling down doors and although I helped with some carrying, my bump means I can’t do much. But I did venture up to the kids bathroom which we will also renovate and decided to get sanding on the cabinet in there. I’m thinking a nice scandi white wash...I’ll post a before and after when I get round to finishing it! Im holding back in case it gets damaged while tiles are ripped out but here’s a rare photo of my bump and I couldn’t include it without putting a face to the little guy...cue our last scan! 

Today with some more pillows made, and important computer work done, I’m feeling pretty accomplished...maybe knowing that baby #2 will be joining us so soon (where has the time gone?!) is making me run on turbo! :D

Xo LC Xo