New arrival

Lately we have been taking some time because we had a new addition to the BH family! Our second son, Mason Coppens, was born on the 26 January! Although I have been doing the odd posts of our social media (so head over there and follow us so we can connect and stay in touch, if you’re not already!)

Here is a little picture, and of course I’m my so much use out of my Huggsie Pillow!! I’m so proud of it, I have go say! Especially now as I get to make full use of it!! In hospital it kept him from slipping down in the tilted bed and secure in bed with me (I needed some cosy cuddles while I was in there hehe) and now at home it’s helping in his pram, feeding, in bed, when we are changing and just chilling...happy bunnies!

Now I need to get this guy into a feeding routine (we are getting there!!) and get some work in so we can release our new fabric designs!!! Busy busy!!

Xo LC Xo