Our Tale

Our Tale


 Welcome to Baby Harvelicious!

Hi! That's Harvey and I above, well he's not baby Harvey anymore! I'm Laela Coppens, an English lady living in Belgium which is now also the home of my brand; Baby Harvelicious. It all began with an idea for one product; The Huggsie Pillow. I’ll go into more depth about our pillow below as I don’t want to ramble on too much in my intro (I have a tendency of doing that when I get excited). But from that idea many more started flourishing with one core value in common; the belief in the importance behind what we buy for our little ones to wear, drink and eat from, play with and even sleep with. This is why I believe in the organic way every time. I like to sum it up by saying, “love your baby, love organic”! 

After giving birth in 2015 to my son, Harvey, I decided to leave my job and start afresh on my own. It was quite a daunting and scary decision, but I don’t regret it one bit. I mix working at home and looking after him and now his younger brother (they keep me busy enough, but I mostly manage both ha!)

I love all things lifestyle, home and family and after becoming a mum, you have to adapt your life and I have found it important to always remember that you are not just a mum, but also your own person. So I am mixing my brand with a lifestyle section; Me & Baby - we should come first sometimes! Here you can discover 4 ket categories home, food, me time and a "talk to me" section. I love hearing from others out there so please get in touch and share your experiences too or even your needs, maybe we can help out?! They say a problem shared is a problem halved!

The goals at Baby Harvelicious are plentiful and I’m so excited to pursue my dreams under our brand. We are already doing research and development into new products to join The Huggsie Pillow, so watch this space!

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 Natural and 100% Organic

I have always been into organic products myself, so naturally I wanted to adopt the same for my baby so he is not exposed to harmful chemicals and their toxins. After scouring the internet and testing out fillings which included rice, cherry pits and even grains, I discovered that the most comfortable solution was 100% organic kapok filling, which feels similar to synthetic stuffing's but without the harsh chemicals - providing the perfect comfort for our precious newborns. 

Once deciding on the stuffing, I selected a lovely thick (and organic!) fabric for my pillow base and next I had some fun sourcing some appealing, child friendly fabrics for my pillowcases - again all 100% organic!

With all of the products that follow the Huggsie Pillow, it is our aim to keep them natural and organic, because we care about keeping our kids in mind.

  Q&A with Laela


Where did it all begin (the longer story!)...

The idea for the Huggsie pillow came following the birth of my first child (Harvey!). I had seen many nursing pillows on the market but I had never seen what looked like a mini version of one, until I was in hospital.

During my son's stay in intensive care, I noticed that he and all the other children were being supported by these mini looking nursing pillows. It was fantastic because it was preventing them from sliding down their bed, due to the slanted angle for newborns, and even better for me because I just could not get to grips with trying to feed Harvey using the huge, but standard, nursing pillows; he kept slipping down and getting lost in the pillow!)

But after asking where I could buy one I was told that the hospital had in fact made it themselves, and that I was not the first new mother to ask after them! Still determined however, I visited numerous baby stores where I was told the same thing; that they have had many parents also asking after this size pillow, but that none of their manufacturers produced them. The a light blub went off for me…!

Why do I like these pillows?

I found the size to be perfect in offering support to my baby while sleeping and during our stay in hospital, I also begun using it for support whilst feeding my son because unlike the bigger pillows, which I found to be too big and awkward when getting to grips with feeding and holding my tiny newborn for the first time, this size enabled me to easily shift my arm and baby into a comfortable position for us both.

Why not try to make one myself?

If there was no possibility of buying this pillow, then I wanted to have a go at making it myself! I thought it would prove to be a nice project for me while on maternity leave and get me back into sewing (I missed those days!).

My first attempt was a quick try out and although the shape was ok, it was not quite perfect - it was time to take it a little more seriously and draw out a pattern!

I wanted to make a cover for the pillow so I could easily wash it, (as we all know how babies can be!) so a pattern would help me get the size just right.

Numerous patterns later, and try outs with other mummies and babies, and I had it! 

But then I started to think about the material and how good it was for my baby…

How can you use the Huggsie Pillow?

The Huggsie pillow is small yet versatile! Let it help you during feeding, sleeping, rest, tummy time and even when your baby grows to a toddler when they can simply use it as a neck pillow!

This is how we use the Huggsie pillow at home and it is particularly effective during sleeping times. Due to our baby continually lying on his back, he started developing a flat head and we were advised to put him to sleep on his side so that his head could adjust. As you know with a wriggly baby, keeping them in one position is not easy - so we simply used the Huggsie pillow for support - it works out great!

Click here to watch our video and have a read!

Is the Huggsie Pillow only for Newborns?

Not at all! Due to its versatility, you can use it right from birth up until they are a toddler. By using it as a neck pillow, for when you are travelling or when they are just lounging around! There are baby neck pillows on the market now, but they offer just that one use and as the child grows older, it becomes too small to be utilized for anything else, whereas the Huggsie pillow can then adapt from a multipurpose nursing pillow to that new function! With just one pillow instead of buying a feeding pillow, something for tummy time and rest, sleep and even neck pillows!

What are the 3 best things about the Huggsie Pillow? 

1. Its organic - completely!

2. Smaller, meaning easier to use and travel with

3. The fact that you can use it in so many different ways to help make your life easier and your baby's! 

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